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Backpacker, travel blogger, and all-around adventure-lover from the Philippines. When not taking photographs, he gorges on spicy Laksa or Khao Soi, either way. He blogs at


Chiang Mai »

Though tourist attractions abound in the form of gorgeous temples, jungle treks, safaris, and thrilling zip lines, life is pretty easy in Thailand's northern capital. Nobody is ever compelled to do anything but sit back and relax, maybe have an excellent street-side massage, which normally costs only two, three dollars. Of course, there's Chiang Mai's Northern Thai food: khao soi curry noodles and flavorful sai oua sausages, among many other dishes. Food here is enough to make anyone stay, especially when a good and satisfying meal costs a dollar, two dollars tops. The best thing I love about it, though, is its combination of exciting and laidback--lively night markets and great local bars one night, chilling with a beer on a balcony in another. Chiang Mai is perfect in its dosage.