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A taste of the tropics in sleepless Seattle

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Known for its dreary weather, and brisk winter chills, this quaint little city is a hidden gem, truly a forgotten treasure among it's Pacific Coast Rivals. Despite the gloomy temperament, Seattle is a bustling city full made for the modern renaissance man or woman. Public art, private art, and artists selling or creating wherever there is a source of inspiration, this charming provincial town infuses a luster of times gone by with a modern take on culture and diversity. Although limited, the public transportation includes an underground light rail (Sea Track) but a reliable bus system. While in Seattle make sure to visit the first Starbucks, located 1912 Pike Place, Seattle, WA, (206) 448-8762, and of course the artsy and fresh food Frenzy iconic of the Pike's Place Market. With a walk around the Majestic Space Needle, Seattle will leave you breathless with its cozy charm and scenic views of the Pacific.

A taste of the tropics in sleepless Seattle
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