Get Paid While Traveling

Earn extra money as you travel the world.

Trying to figure out a way you can travel forever? We can help! Our Get Paid while Traveling Program lets you earn extra income from anywhere in the world by simply sharing your budget travel tips and advice.

How It Works

You share travel tips about the places you've been

We publish the best tips to our online travel guides

You get paid a percentage of our advertising sales revenue

What’s the Catch?

There's no real catch; but just like in bowling, there are rules. 

a. Original Content
Your travel tips must be written by you; not copied from a book or other website.

b. Qualifying for Revenue Sharing
You must have five (5) or more travel tips published to a specific city or country page within the BF Travel Guide to qualify for revenue sharing.  Upon qualifying, you’ll be entitled to a portion of that page’s advertising sales revenue for a period of one (1) year.  You can also qualify for revenue sharing by uploading Cover Photos and writing Guidebook Intros for specific destinations in the travel guide.  

c. Editorial Review
Everything you share gets reviewed by our editors and is subject to the BF Editorial Policy and Member Agreement.  Our editors will only select the most informative, well written, and non-duplicate tips to publish to the travel guide.  If our editors reject your tip for any reason, then it will not count toward your 5 tip threshold.

d. Calculating Revenue Sharing Percentages
Your percentage of a page’s revenue varies according to how many other members have contributed to that page. You can track your qualified pages and revenue sharing percentages in the Getting Paid section of the BF Member Area. 

e. Understanding Revenue Generation
Pages within the BF Travel Guide generate revenue in two ways:  Banner Advertising and Hostel Directory Subscriptions.  When one of these packages is sold, half of the sales revenue goes Backpack Forever, and the other half gets divided among the page’s qualified contributors. 

f. Getting Paid
All payments are made directly to members via PayPal within ten (10) business days of a package being sold.

For more information, including detailed terms, qualifications, and frequently asked questions, please review our Member Contract and GPWT Tutorial.