Smart Packing and Travelling Light

by Mattfromtexas on June 23, 2014

Smart Packing and Travelling Light

Traveling distant places can be fun and exciting especially when you are with company of family and friends. One important thing though is that you have to secure everything complete in your backpack before hitting the road. By packing all the things you need before the trip, you can certainly save on time, money and effort upon reaching your destination.

Whether you are a backpacker or a first-time traveler, here is a list of the most important essentials you should have in your bag:


Toiletries must come in handy in a small pouch or bag that could fit in the front compartment of your backpack. This includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and soap. These are the basic toiletries you should have and if possible, you should use miniature sizes to save on space. Include a small comb or brush for grooming.


Gadgets are necessary during travel because these keep you connected with work, loved ones and friends. Also, they help you document your activities and at the same time keep you entertained while on a lengthy journey. Gadgets such as mobile phone, tablet and digital camera must be accessed easily from your bag. Therefore, provide a space in your front pocket for quick access. Long trips are when your gadgets are useful. Say for instance, passing through scenic spots allows you to take photos instantly by using your smartphone or camera. You can fight boredom by playing a casino game like what recommends using your tablet. As you can see, bringing your gadgets with you makes your trip enjoyable and complete. Take note that your gadgets must be fully charged to be able to maximize their usage.


When packing your apparel, choose the lightest clothing and footwear possible. Since you will be wearing a pair of shoes or sandals before your trip, you can add one more footwear inside your bag that can be a pair of sneakers or flip-flops. Take note that footwear should stay at the deepest part of the bag. Clothing and underwear must come in few pieces but make sure to have one of each or depending on the number of days. Pack a piece of towel with your clothes as well.

First-Aid Kit

Prepare a mini first-aid kit and pack this separately in a small pouch or container. This should include medicines such as loperamide, ibuprofen and anti-histamine, some band-aids, anti-bacterial gel, anti-mosquito spray, sun lotion, reserve toilet paper, ear plugs, small LED flashlight and a small Swiss knife. As much as possible, all these must come in extra-small sizes so they won’t eat a lot space.

Personal Identification Items

Check all your Identification articles such as passport, IDs, credit cards etc. and make sure to put this inside your bag’s secret compartment. Use a small purse for these items for additional care and safekeeping.


Money is a necessity and therefore, you should have enough of it in your wallet and safety compartment. Make it a point to have small bills ready for fare needs and instant shopping.

Smaller Bag (Extra)

You’ll never know about unexpected situations along the trip therefore bring a small bag with you. This bag serves as extra storage for wet clothing in case you went through swimming or for shopping items that can no longer fit in your backpack. It pays to be ready at all times and it won’t hurt if you have a lightweight small bag handy inside your main bag.


Food can sometimes be bulky but you can always bring something that can fit in your backpack. You may carry some small packs of candies, cookies or energy bar so you have something to fill in your tummy in case food stores are out of the way. A small bottle of water is also a smart move. Keeping yourself nourished during a long trip is definitely important.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Should you have extra space in your backpack, you can bring a hat, folded umbrella, a thin bed sheet or jacket. All these might be needed when you cross various trails and paths.
It is worth noting that the secret to traveling light is planning what you need to bring. Also, consider other factors such as weather, distance and culture so as not to forget anything. Bear in mind that having everything complete can save you a lot of time and money. To keep your things organized, pile them inside your bag according to most important to least important. In that way, access to your needs is quick and easy.

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