A Selection Of Spain's Finest Hiking Trails

by Jennifer of 2bAdmin on July 10, 2013

A Selection Of Spain's Finest Hiking Trails

Great numbers of people choose to take holidays in Spain each year. Some are enticed by the beautiful beaches and fascinating inner city sights. Others visit with the intention of exploring the Spanish countryside. You could join them on strenuous and highly rewarding walks up the Cantabrian Mountains or along the extended trails highlighted in this article.

Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago encompasses a number of trails, leading to the town of Santiago de Compestela in Northern Spain. It is said that St James originally completed the great pilgrimage in honour of the lord. Many thousands of travellers have followed in his footsteps over the centuries. You are encouraged to take the challenge under the guidance of one of the local experts. They'll tell you all about the historic towns and restaurants that you simply have to visit en route.

The Monasteries Route

If you have an interest in religious history then it would be worth making the journey from Gandia to Alzira. Along the way you will see symbolic buildings such as the Monestir de Sant Jeroni and  Convent del Corpus Christi. You'll have the opportunity to pay your respects or simply gaze in wonder at the decorated gothic monuments. You might even find the time for some wine tasting at one of the great vineyards of La Rioja.

Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne

The knowledgeable Co-op Travel experts have heard a number of positive reports from people who've chosen to hike up the Spanish Pyrenees. They claim that the experience is best enjoyed as part of a group, for reasons of safety and shared satisfaction. You also have to be in good enough shape to complete days of hiking at altitude. However, if you are up to the physical test then you can expect to enjoy magnificent views across the snow-capped mountains.

Picos de Europa

There are a number of national parks that you can visit during your holidays in Spain. However, the Picos de Europa is worthy of special praise. Visitors have the opportunity to hike along different trails beside the awe inspiring mountains. You might even be lucky enough to spot wildlife including the diminutive chamois and golden eagle. After a long day of hiking you may be tempted to sample some locally produced Queso de Cabrales cheese.

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