UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain

by Jennifer of 2bAdmin on February 27, 2013

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain

There are countless stunning cultural and natural sites worthy of our appreciation to be found all over the globe, and thanks to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, a large number of these are guaranteed to be conserved way into the future after being named as a World Heritage Site. This title is given to places that are culturally or physically significant, and there are currently 962 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with a whopping 44 of these found in Spain!

Among these are a variety of different sites, including a number of Spanish cities in which the ‘old town’ has been given World Heritage Site status. These include Salamanca, an ancient town with one of the oldest universities in Europe, Segovia, home to an incredibly well-preserved arched Roman Aqueduct, and Santiago de Compostela, an urban town that was previously destroyed completely by Muslims in the 10th century, before being entirely rebuilt with Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque buildings. Almost a quarter of Spain’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites are comprised of old towns, so take the opportunity to visit one and step back into history.

Natural Wonders

There are also a large number of natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain, including the stunning National Parks of Doñana, in Andalusia, La Gomera in the archipelago of the Canary Islands, and Teide, which surrounds Tenerife’s Mount Teide volcano, whose peak happens to be the highest point in all of Spain. If you head off on a holiday to Tenerife this year be sure to hire a car and head up into Teide National Park to zip around its winding roads, surrounded by dense forest on either side, to marvel at the sheer beauty that earned the park its UNESCO World Heritage Site prestige.

Many works of architecture in Spain have also been adorned with UNESCO World Heritage Site status, including seven of the works of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, a favourite destination for those visiting on holidays to Spain with Jet2holidays. Perhaps Gaudi’s best-known work in Barcelona is the still-unfinished cathedral of La Sagrada Familia, whose façade depicts entire scenes from the bible and is equally as awe-inspiring inside.

You’ll find another UNESCO World Heritage Site close by in the city too, in the form of the Hospital de Sant Pau, an Art Nouveau building that’s exuberantly designed and flooded with light and space, yet still remains a successful working hospital to this day. In fact no matter where you choose to visit in Spain it’s likely there will be a UNESCO World Heritage Site close by -  so do your research before you go for an experience you’re guaranteed to remember.

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