Semuc Champey, Guatemala

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Our FAVORITE activity in Guatemala!
by Travelbcouple of about 9 years ago
Our FAVORITE activity in Guatemala!

This is an amazing highlight in Guatemala! We took a tour from Zephyr Lodge in Lanquin. The tour lasts most of the day and Zephyr packs lunches for the trip. Before going into the cave, you can jump off a swing or a bridge into the river. You can bring flip flops if you don't have water shoes. The tour guide ties up your flips flops in a way so that it stays in place while you are in the cave. There is no electricity in the cave, so you are walking, crawling, and swimming with only candlelight. You can do jumps into pools and climb up a mini waterfall inside the cave. After trekking through the cave, you hike up a steep mountain to a viewpoint, and end the day in the crystal clear limestone pools. This is a must-do!