Prague (Praha), Czech Republic

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Check out Usudu!
by Kwren10 about 8 years ago
Check out Usudu!

If you are only in prague for a little while I would absolutely suggest going to Usudu. Its a wine bar (don't worry, they have some beers too!) located about a few blocks from Wenseslas sq. in Vodičkova.
Really cheap prices, I got a full glass of wine for 30 koura ($1.50). It doesn't look like much from the outside but once you go down in the basement there are brick tunnels and tons of tables. ABSOLUTE MUST!

Have a beer in Prague
by Kherold about 10 years ago
Have a beer in Prague

There are lots of places to drink in Prague. Unluckily, a common tourist gets into the first pub in the city centre. They have the same beer but rip you off. Prague is famous for its cheap alcohol, though.

I recommend to visit this area among Narodni, Pstrossova and Opatovicka street. In particular, these bars will give you a warm welcome: Cafe Jericho on Opatovicka 154/26, Velryba next door and Mala Ryba on Křemencova 21. If you find yourself in Prague 6, come by Kabinet on Terronska 25. At each of these pubs you will get a beer for 1.20 EUR and they serve some good toasts or pitas, too.