Ljubljana, Slovenia

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What to Eat


We Eat A Lot Of Pizza Anyway But This Was Especially Good
by Hacked By of youtube.com/fırlamaadam about 9 years ago
We Eat A Lot Of Pizza Anyway But This Was Especially Good

Foculus is located away from the other touristy places along the river but is still close to the action. They have a large offering of pizzas, including meat, vegetarian, and seafood ranging from 5-8 euros. The pesto, prosciutto, and pine nut pizza was especially good, and if you're traveling alone, you may even get a heart-shaped one. Foculus is at Gregorciceva 3 near the Old Town.

Street Food

Eat on a Budget in Ljubljana
by Dayna of wanderlusting.info about 9 years ago

The first thing we were told to do upon arrival in Ljubljana was to partake in the goodness of Slovenia's favorite fast food - burek. Burek is a common dish in many places that were once in the Ottoman Empire, but nowhere is it quite as common and in-your-face as it is in Ljubljana. The three most common types of burek are meat (meso), cheese (sirov), and pizza. They are large, filling, and average about 2 Euro each, making it a tasty snack that's easy on the wallet. If you drop by either of the Tourist Information offices, they'll have a free Use-It Map for Young Travelers of the city with each and every burek establishment marked. Another plus is that many in Ljubljana are open 24 hours a day, making it the ideal stop after a pub crawl.