Facts about Spain

  • Currency:
  • Euro
  • Language:
  • Castilian Spanish; Catalan
  • Electricity:
  • 230 V
  • Calling Code:
  • +376
  • Capital City:
  • Madrid
  • Famous For:
  • N/A

Stuff to See and Do


What to See

Northern Coast Of Spain

Northern Coast of Spain - scenic drive
by Olevolta about 9 years ago
Northern Coast of Spain - scenic drive

If you get a chance to travel to Northern Spain, be sure to take the scenic drive route that is the closest to the Bay of Biscay. You may travel through Santander, Bilbao and San Sebastian. The road, though curvy, stretches for many kilometers and gives way to a breathtaking view that will linger in your mind forever. I truly believe that this natural beauty sight is just as important culturally as any other city in Northern Spain you could visit.

What to Eat


Never understimate the supermarket!
by Emmacverloop about 8 years ago

Hostel living can be very cheap, but for those who are on a tremendously tight budget, eating out every night can be a bit harsh on the bank account. Firstly, when looking to book a hostel look for either a kitchen and/or a kitchen, that way you can save money on at least one meal. As far as supermarket living goes in Europe; a baguette and 1 euro Chorizo packet accompanied by some fruit or salad will fill you up and keep you going far longer than McDonalds or pizza. I find granola is a great snack to carry around in my pack to nibble on when Im feeling slightly famished as well as a large bottle of water!


Eating out on a budget
by Elobdn2 about 9 years ago
Eating out on a budget

When backpacking, a good deal of your budget might be put towards eating out. Try to find out where do taxi drivers eat. It will most likely be the best quality/price place you'll find in the area. Specially in cities in Europe, you will find terrific moms and pops restaurants that will provide home cooked dishes at very reasonable prices.

Getting Around


buses between cities
by George about 9 years ago

When traveling around Spain check out the buses. They tend to be cheaper and more convenient than trains. The bus stations also have self service that different language options including English and allow you to buy tickets in advance (so you can buy your ticket to the next stop when you arrive at a destination). The buses tend to leave on time, and often have free wifi. Overnight buses tended to have better seat!

General Advice


Eating on a budget
by Ataladay about 9 years ago

I've found that one of my biggest expenditures while traveling is food. When I'm in a new city I want to try the local meals, brews, wines, desserts, etc, but that can get pricey really fast.

One way I try and save money is to get a hostel with an open kitchen. This way you can buy local foods, cook them yourself, and save a great deal of cash. The more in your party the more this saves, because it is easier to feed a group than a single person when cooking yourself. If you have extras, sharing is a great way to make friends with other people at your hostel.

Guten Appetite!