Madrid, Spain

Where to Stay

Where to Stay


Way Hostel is the Way to go!
by Abenor about 9 years ago

I suggest you stay at Way Hostel in the city center on calle relatores right by metro stop tirso de molina. It is a great hostel with fun people a nice ambiance. However, donīt do the tapas night. I went and paid 12 euros for what I could have gotten the same for about six euros. I only got piece of food from each plate because there were too many people, so I donīt recommend doing that.

What to Eat

Local Specialties

El Tigre for cheap Tapas
by Debra of about 8 years ago
El Tigre for cheap Tapas

Order una cana. You'll get a small draft beer and a giant plate of tapas for €2.50. It's not the best food in the world but if you want to a sample a little bit of everything Madrid has to offer and get a beer and a full meal for only €2.50, it's the place to go. Go earlier in the day as I've heard it can turn into a madhouse around happy hour.

Chueca, Calle de las Infantas, 28. If it's closed keep walking down the street as there are 4 different locations in the area and one of them is bound to be open. The bartender said the economy is really starting to get to them but they want to keep offering the same deal so they don't always keep every location open every day.