Ushuaia, Argentina

What to Do


The end of the road
by Tobi about 8 years ago
The end of the road

One must-do in Ushuaia is a visit to Tierra del Fuego park. Buses leave at the SW block of Maipu @ 25 de Mayo. Check at the tourist info center 2 blocks east for times.

You can get out almost anywhere along the route. If the weather is decent, get out at Ensenada bay, hike west along the coast toward Lapatia lake. Take a detour along Roca lake (photo) for great views and a chance for a snack or meal there. Then continue to the end of the road, the southern end of the PanAmerican highway. Walking on the gravel road RN3 itself means dealing with some traffic, but I also had an exciting close-up encounter with a Patagonian fox there. He flashes his teeth (impressive!) but then walked off. phew!

The actual end of the road is anti-climactic: a big parking lot, with plenty of buses and tourists.

Buses run on regular schedules, but if you plan on taking a late bus back, let the bus driver know to make sure the bus will actually be there. Just in case. I had no problems.

Where to Stay


Hostel Patagonia Pais; to get the best out of Ushuaia
by Intekoster about 9 years ago

I don't know if it is the fact of being at ¨the end of the world¨ or if there is just some magic in this hostel but Hostel Patagonia Pais is special.
Arriving in Ushuaia with no idea where to go: there were my 2 little angels ready to take everyone willing to give their hostel a chance. We hopped in the little car which had just enough room for the for of us and our bags and after some minutes we arrived at this fairytale-looking, green house. Neither one of us expected this little house to be so cosy and relaxed on the inside or that there was such a great atmosphere created by wonderful people. The hostel is owned by a wonderful family and not to forget their little dog. The small kitchen is used by people happy to share their cookings with everybody who is willing to taste. Games are played, conversations are lead, cosy happenings (such as ¨bananaparties¨) are organized and night's out are enjoyed. The most welcoming hostel I have been to; for a magical time and friends for life!

What to Eat

Local Specialties

by Tobi about 8 years ago

People come to Ushuaia for the penguins, for bragging rights, to see the end of the Panamericana or to re-run Amazing Race season 11. But for whatever reason you end up there, here's one thing not to miss out on: Meat!

They ain't skimpin' in Patagonia, and the serving sizes there make even spoiled Americans nod with approval. So, forget about a balanced diet, sodium, cholesterol, fats and all that for a while, and just enjoy!

My favorite place here was Lomitos Martinica, on the eastern-most block of San Martin. Sit at the counter to watch the meats getting prepared, front row. Get the bife to chorizo or bife de lomo, it's all good, and huge!

The place is popular with the locals too - always a good sign.

I found that the meat goes best with a dark Quilmes. Dark here usually means Stout.