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Facts about Chile

  • Currency:
  • Chilean Peso
  • Language:
  • Spanish
  • Electricity:
  • 220 V
  • Calling Code:
  • +56
  • Capital City:
  • Santiago
  • Famous For:
  • N/A

Stuff to See and Do


General Advice

Money and Banking

How To Make a Few Extra Bucks in Chile!
by Fedeortiz about 6 years ago

If you find yourself in the cities of Chile or any country that has elevated cigarette prices (which get expensive quite quick) This is a real good quick way to make a few bucks for us on budgets! remember BEFORE you go.
If you are crossing FROM Argentina...
Bring 2 cartons of Lucky Stripes with mentol, that is the legal limit you can cross over. In Chile, a pack of cigs can cost you more than $70 Argentine pesos, In Argentina they cost $17-18 pesos. So... what can you do to make a few extra bucks?
At night go outside nightclubs,pubs and bars, people are drunk,or have eaten they might like a smoke, sell them a box for no more than $2.000 Chilean Pesos.
Or, go to kioscs and offer the whole carton for a well rounded price
What you can also do (what worked best for me) was telling the recepcionists in the hostels i stayed at, most of them are volunteers so they don't have so much cash and this is a cheap buy for smokers.
Just be carefull not to sell to any underage kids that can get you in trouble, and it would not hurt to be discreet about it in public.
This is the math that I did when i tried this out: (with the exchange rate at the time)
1 carton of luckies (ten boxes of 20 cigarettes)= $150 ARS
2.000 Chilean pesos = $50 ARS
I Sold 10 boxes at 2.000 each = 10x 2.000= 20.000
So i won 250 Argetine Pesos that's one night in a hostel and extra cash for food :)Good luck!

What To Bring

Plastic Resealable Baggies--the Next Best Thing to Duct Tape
by Bklein456 about 10 years ago

1.Pack your clothes in them-keeps them dry, dirty separated from clean, and they'll pack smaller. 2.Keep your passport and other important docs together and dry. 3. Use them in whatever way imaginable (MacGyver would be proud): ) Tear or poke a hole in the bottom corner to create a funnel, 2) Use it as a ghetto-made glove, 3) Collect snow/ice and use it as a compress, 3) Use it to patch up a tear in your gear, 4) Store your food to help lessen the amount of packaging you carry.

Plastic baggies have saved my belongings from getting wet and they have also saved my sanity in regards to packing and organizing. They're light and versatile! Hope the info is helpful for you!