Gunzi, Suriname

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What to Do

Over Night Jungle Camping

Authentic over-night jungle experience
by Christopher of about 9 years ago
Authentic over-night jungle experience

Tei Wei (til you're tired) tourist camp in the village of Gunzi offers the most authentic over-night jungle experience in the interior. You will be accompanied by guides who live in Gunzi and work in the jungle as hunters and farmers. The guides are second to none: they know the names and special (medicinal) uses of trees and plants, are superb bird callers, can spot and shoot animals from absurd distances and even SMELL snakes!

Available tours: 1 hour hike into the jungle, day hike to a jungle look-out tower, and one or multiple nights in the jungle. On one night tours, a house has been built for a cozy over-night jungle experience. For a bigger challenge, best sharpen your machete and borrow one of the hammocks from the camp--you'll be strung up to trees or build your own camp while hiking, fishing and hunting with the guides. Negotiate price before the hike (Usually: 1 night = 60 USD)

Guides speak Dutch and English (maybe French).

Waldi: (597)855 6278
Kwami: (597)856 1452

Where to Stay


Accommodations and cultural activities in a maroon village
by Christopher of about 9 years ago
Accommodations and cultural activities in a maroon village

Tei Wei (til you're tired) tourist camp is owned by the people of Gunzi. Unlike other camps in the area, when you stay here your money actually employs the villagers.

1 person per night: 10 USD
Rent kitchen, cook for yourself: 15 USD
1 person per day (food provided by cook): 15 USD

The camp sits on a hill above the Suriname river where three rapids converge which means your balcony has one of the best views in the entire forest. The house is also above the path to the river where much of the daily activities happen--washing, fishing, transportation and canoe building!

The houses (pictured) are comfortable with multiple beds and mosquito nets; camp can hold 50+ people and has a kitchen, bar and meeting room as well as an area for camp fires. The locals are very friendly and enjoy talking with tourists--the kids are adorable. Activities in the village include caiman spotting, fishing, boating, village traditional band, jungle hikes.

Speak both Dutch and English.

Waldi:(597)855 6278