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Top Tips for Rail Travel in Europe

Matt and I had the pleasure of visiting Europe this summer to promote the Return to Europe Giveaway. In just three weeks, we boarded 40 trains in 20 cities across 15 countries. Along the way, we missed trains, stood in long lines, showed up at wrong stations, got fined, blew our budget, and even got off a couple of times...

BF Announces First of 2012 Site Improvements

In our Looking Back on 2011 post, we mentioned that we would be focusing our efforts on implementing long-awaited improvements to the site. Today, we are happy to announce the first of those changes. Here’s what to look for.

•    New member profiles. Profile pages have been given a lift with tips and stories now appearing...

Leap Year Traveling Couples' Digital Dinner Party

Matt Dahse and Tran Dang have been invited to a second traveling couples' {digital} dinner party hosted by the always gracious @TwoOregonians. The last dinner party was a lot of fun and we're excited to be invited back. To meet the other 7 couples who will be joining,...

Looking Back on 2011

To our members, followers, friends and family:

We typically don’t put ourselves “out there,” so this is unusual for us.


It occurred to us the other day, though, that we’ve built a product we’re so proud of, yet we never talk about what we’re working on or our goals and vision for the company. We get excited about what’s next but...

What is Heybackpacker?

What is #heybackpacker?

#Heybackpacker is a place on Twitter where independent travelers share their experiences, swap stories, seek advice, and talk travel. Think of it as a virtual hostel chillout lounge where backpackers go to relax, make new friends, and maybe even smoke a dooby.

Why #heybackpacker?
There is no traveler like the backpacker. Backpackers are adventurous. They travel on a...