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What is Heybackpacker?

by Admin on November 25, 2011

What is Heybackpacker?

What is #heybackpacker?

#Heybackpacker is a place on Twitter where independent travelers share their experiences, swap stories, seek advice, and talk travel. Think of it as a virtual hostel chillout lounge where backpackers go to relax, make new friends, and maybe even smoke a dooby.

Why #heybackpacker?
There is no traveler like the backpacker. Backpackers are adventurous. They travel on a budget, take risks other travelers don’t take, and delve deeper into cultures than most other travelers. In short, they are pretty awesome peeps. Look for each other on Twitter, keep in touch, and let's make #heybackpacker the leading hashtag for backpackers. To holla at a backpacker, tag your posts #heybackpacker. We'll look for your posts and retweet our favorites. Look for us at @backpackforever. 

How can I get involved?
#Heybackpacker is a community project. If you’re on the road, planning your round-the-world trip, settling back into the real world, or own a business that caters to backpackers, we hope you’ll join in. Tag your posts #heybackpacker if you:

•    Have a story to tell;
•    Have advice you want to share with other backpackers;
•    Need a recommendation for a hostel, restaurant, or whatever;
•    Want to find people who can relate to your experience; or
•    Want to reach backpackers.