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Press photographer/Hard news cameraman Couchsurfer in the airbnb fan and addict. Vaccinated to anything and everything. Member of Foreign Correspondent Club..FCC... Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Travelling in South East Asia until May 2015.


Small country in the middle of Europe that became independ and after a Nationalistic Opera in Brussels on 4 October 1830.. It was under Dutch rule then..People wrote on the walls WWWW..WWWW..WWWW...It meant. We Want Willem (King Willem Dutch) aWay... When Willem Wants to become Wiser..We Want Willem Weer (again). 3 official languages Dutch,French, German....4 parlements..Flemish,Walloon, Brussels and East Kantons German..Main cities Brussels,Antwerp, Brugges,Liege, Namur,Gent,Oostende .

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Pastrami deli
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multicultural Capital of Flanders...the Flemish speaking part of Belgium.A highly cultural city on the river Schelde that flows towards the North Sea.Antwerp has one of the biggest seaports of the world. No problem to find fantastic musea and discover Art.Rubens and Van Dyck worked here on masterpieces. Close to the central railway station is the world famous diamond area, where you can try to understand the4 C's, carat, cut, color and clearity.
Antwerp has a good selection of fantastic pubs and an owerwelming amount of beers to try.
Amsterdam and Paris only 2 hours away by fast rail link.

Antwerp Cultural Capital of Flemisch speaking Belgium.
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Cinema South and FoMu photo museum.
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De Muze..iconic pub in Antwerp
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Hand pulled chinese noodles in Antwerp....delicious
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Home Brewery Pakhuis pub
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Kampot is a good option if you are travelling from Sihanoukville to Phnong Penn.Quiet little town in full expansion for can do a few sporty activities in this area...little boat trips are organised on the Kampot river.Rock climbing And caving..organised by some expats...The Kep and bokor hill station are one a scooter ride away..Do visit the famous Kampot pepper farms.

River lodge on dragon street kampot.
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Sleepy town on mekhong river..very good stop over to or from Laos..good and cheap sleeping from 5$ and mekhong sunset in the evening..must do..Irrawaddy dolphin watch..but pricey but worth it.plenty of cool hang outs and roof terraces... You can really feel price differential for the better here..

Silver Dolphin guesthouse
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Absolutely fantastic beaches..plenty of very well priced hotels an hostels and guesthouses. Great food at very reasonable prices. Tuk tuk transport cheap and easy going..great place to realax and enjoy life.. Psar leu market to stock up on shorts and swim gear..


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Island of the East coast of Thailand...good sleep over for a few days before crossing into Cambodia .The island has 2 different Ferries connecting the main land. The west coast has several very good beach areas...public transport by shared taxis...or the best is to rent a scooter and explore the winding hilly roads around the island..several cheap bungalows for rent..a few backpacker hostels...even a dormitory only for ladies... Check on Bang Bao pier for boat trips to other islands south of Kon Chang..Good diving schools..fantastic one word...PARADISE...

KLKL hostel
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Lonely Beach
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