6 Ways You Can Help Us Grow

This site is run entirely by two backpackers and a small team of awesome programmers. If you think what we're doing is cool, like us, follow us, endorse us, tell the world, don't hold back! The following are ways you can help BF grow and multiply.  

WARNING: Endorsing BF will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.


Link to usLink to Us

Links are the currency of the Internet.  If you have a blog or website, a link from your site is an endorsement of us. 

Link to:  http://www.backpackforever.com


Tell the MediaTell the Media

Maybe you, your old roommate, or your uncle is working for a newspaper, magazine, or television show.  They might like to know about us.

Download our Media Kit here:  http://www.backpackforever.com/media_kit.php


Reset Computer Homepages to BFReset Computer Homepages to BF

We want to reach backpackers who are currently on the road.  Modify the homepage of hostel and Internet cafe computers to Backpack Forever's homepage.

Set the homepage url to:  http://www.backpackforever.com


Shout on Facebook, TwitterGive Us a Shout on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr

Posting your endorsement on social media with a link to our homepage will settle the score on just how cool you are. 



Tell a Fellow BackpackerTell a Fellow Backpacker

Turn to the person to your left and say, "Hey!  Check out Backpack Forever. It's so dope!"  Now turn to the person to your right...



Email a FriendEmail a Friend

Who do you know who travels on the cheap?  You think they wanna know about us?  Shoot them an email telling them to check us out!